You are really gonna read all this? You sure you don't want to buy our coffee? I promise it's good...

Have you got bored and fallen down the Reddit rabbit hole? You start reading "conspiracy theories" that turn out to be true 5 years down the road. Well, if you haven't I suggest you become a bit more curious about what this life has to offer. 4 or 5 years ago we stumbled across this emerging technology called blockchain. We learned about its functions and the value it brings when transferring "energy". We learned about its public ledger functions, and borderless banking opportunities. We realized we stumbled upon something much bigger than its current state.

From that point on we followed closely, out of fascination and possibly jealousy because we missed the era the internet evolved. We felt this could be our fulfilment of the .com era. We wake up, drink our coffee and explore the emerging tech that blockchain was creating. We discovered cryptocurrencies, NFTs, smart contracts and even discovered that there was more than one blockchain.

Many blockchains have different factors including, speed, cost, scalability, development, government, and even communities. The easiest way to describe it is to think of the way countries and cultures are set up. Got it? Good, now remove the physical location from the equation. What you have left is a borderless, permissionless, public transacting body of people working together building an infrastructure that will last much longer than anyone can imagine.

We became fascinated with the community in the space. They really have their finger on the pulse when it comes to our ever-changing world. They are quick to call out bad actors, from, political leaders to media outlets to the highest forms of control our planet has. Many of them don't realize it yet but when you step outside of the boundaries of modern security it is much easier to see the end game of various parties.

About 3 years ago a blockchain called Cardano started to really scale it's ability to become a reliable infrastructure outside of our existing norm. With the addition of smart contracts and NFTs a public community began to form. If you don't know what those terms are I suggest looking them up as we don't want to expose our inner nerd more than we already have.

In comes NFTS, I'm sure you have heard of the million-dollar monkey jpegs selling on Ethereum a few years back. Well, that's an NFT. At least one type, there are thousands on every blockchain. Behind that NFT is a community that reps this art on the internet like a new pair of shoes. This is where we fell in love. Every community behind every NFT is completely different than the rest regardless of blockchain.

The art and message of various NFTs attract people from all over the world to common talking grounds. People with NFTs from equivalent collections come together and converse and build relationships through various social platforms. The art and message of each NFT act as a common ground for people to talk, communicate and build on chain with one another.

Fudbuddies, a Cardano art NFT had an attraction to us. Skull-like characters with a very simplistic line art style. This was actually the first NFT we purchased on Cardano which could also be why we love them so much. After purchasing our first Cardano NFT we joined the community through discord and began showing off our first purchase. We were immediately slammed with online banter from the community while simultaneously welcoming us to what seemed like an AA meeting. We quickly learned what this community was about and fell in love. A group of degenerates who love to gamble on futuristic internet art while making fun of each other about our bad decisions. Not in a negative way, but more of a way you joke with your friends around a late-night campfire.

We began to learn about everyone and their various skill assets and continued thinking of ways to grow our community as a whole. A specific character trait a few Fudbuddies have were coffee heads. Well before Fudbrew was Fudbrew we had various coffee connections in the real world and some community members thought of the name. We thought it would be a great idea to bring the idea to life. With help from the community, artist and various developers on Cardano, we have built a project that aims to bring our emerging worlds of blockchain technology, internet communities, and every day necessities together. Yes, you need coffee... trust us!

We created our logo and aligned ourselves with the existing brand Fudbuddies has created. We have a handful of coffee varieties from all over the world with grade-A quality. We aim to create multiple solutions that help integrate retail products into these existing brands and communities on the Cardano blockchain.

So with all of that said, welcome to FUDBREW! Drink your coffee and shut up nerds... check out our Twitter for blog posts, community updates, and your daily degen activities!

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